Rent to own school band instruments!

We offer brass and woodwind rentals for students at the best competitive prices with our Rent To Own Program. We're authorized dealers of JupiterYamahaGemeinhardtLudwig and other fine brands. Amity Music offers superior local service to our customers and band directors with local school deliveries and pick ups on the following instruments:


Other instrument rentals by request. Call 203-389-9400 to reserve your instrument today! Store pick up or delivered to your home! Receive a free lesson and high quality school band folder with your rental or purchase!


Why should you rent an instrument from us?

  • Music teaches self discipline and teamwork and most of all self accomplishment.
  • Providing the opportunity for your child to pursue music is one of the most valuable things you can do for your child.
  • Renting is an affordable way to try out an instrument without a large investment.
  • Be certain that when you rent with Amity music you’re getting a high quality, band instructor approved instrument, which will offer your child the best success.
  • 100% of your rental payments apply toward purchase of the instrument.
  • No downtime with instrument repairs. A loaner instrument will be given during repair period
    ***1st time renters receive 1 free lesson on their new instrument. The instructor will take you through the instrument and get you prepared to play like a pro!***


Here are a few tips to consider when renting an instrument!

*Flute- Good Finger Dexterity
*Clarinet- Best to start after permanent teeth are in
*Saxophone- Large enough hands to reach keys
*Trumpet- Thin lips helpful
*Trombone- Short arms can make it difficult to play


Amity Music also rents PA Systems and amps.

For Tour, week and day rates...please call 203-389-9400 for pricing.